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Welcome to our Ambassador Program!


Share your first link as an ambassador and secure your place in the program today!

 You can earn up to $200 per package by inviting your friends and colleagues to Cruise with us!.

  When you join our Ambassador Program, you’ll receive a personalized link that you can use to invite your friends to our website.

If someone you invite visits our page they’ll receive a discount voucher for their next cruise and you will get up to $200 USD per package!

You don’t have to be our customer to be part of our Ambassador Program. but by signing up to our Ambassador program you get

Vip access to our travel agents rates and perks that you can use for your next vacation!


Get Ambassador Club Access

Automatic participation in our monthly sweepstakes of amazing Cruises!

  •   Access to travel agent prizes and discounts in our all in one Cruise packages.
  • Access to our last minute deals newsletter with flash sales at amazing prizes.
  • Discounts on balcony upgrades, hotel getaways, and luxury condo stay.
  • Participation in our referral program that allows you to earn uncapped commissions.

The VIP Club benefits are free for our ambassador and will be will be launched in January 2017 as a paid subscription service, by signing up to our program today

and making your first referral before the end of the month, you will have VIP benefits for life as one of our Ambassador Club founders.


Fill our signup form and get access to your personalized Ambassador page where you can track your commissions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be doing as an Ambassador?

As a Diamond Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to share the ultimate cruise package with everyone in your life and earn serious cash and bonuses for it. As the captain of your ship, your earning opportunities are endless. And we’ve given you your very own ship. Now it’s your job to find your crew! Using the Ambassador platform, you will be able to share your unique link online through mediums including but not limited to Facebook and email. Every time you help a new person plan a great cruise vacation you’ll get paid $200 per package.

How do I get set up?

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you’re already set up! Just look for the welcome email we sent you from [email protected] or enter your email on the pop-up form from this page.

What happens if one of my referees has some questions?

You have complete access to our team of cruise specialists! Your guest can request a call on the landing page attached to your link, or you can request a consultation at  [email protected] and we will be happy to handle any questions, comments or concerns that they have!

How will I get paid?

You will earn $200 for every customer that signs up with your shared link or who purchases over the phone after speaking with a cruise specialist. Once you get a referral, the system will prepare your direct deposit or PayPal deposit for the following Friday. You can keep track of the status of all of your referrals in your Ambassador portal.

How do I start sharing?

Post on social media.

You can easily share your link through the Ambassador Portal. Every time someone clicks on your shared link and subsequently becomes a Diamond Ambassador, you receive your $200 commission. Post on your favorite forums, groups, and blogs like Reddit or Tumblr. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Perhaps you’d like to utilize your own blog if you have one!


Chat with your friends and colleagues! Mention your cruising experience and the all-in-one benefits of the Diamond Package. Email your old classmates. Text your cousins that you only see during holiday time. With your personalized link, sharing is easy!

Throw a party!

Have a get-together with your friends! Get people excited about making memories together on a floating city! Vacations are where dreams are lived out… so help people to live them out! Everyone deserves a vacation. Why not make a party out of it?

We encourage you to act in a respectful, professional manner. Don’t forget: while networking, always be sure to share your unique link. And by the way, we are talking about vacations – cruise vacations – the most desirable and most fun vacation there is; so you should feel good about helping others to enjoy themselves!

Start right now with a memory jog and consider all the people who you know deserve a vacation, and help them to make it happen!